In our factories we manufacture any type of product with care and competence in:

- natural stones, beole, serizzi, marble, granite, semiprecious and onyx, also backlit.

- large porcelain stoneware slabs

- technical marbles

Our production specializes in the processing of:

THRESHOLDS, TOP AND STAIRS - our marble workshop is structured with a dedicated on-site survey and template development service, both for residential interventions and for large-scale work with solutions dedicated specifically to the company.

FLOORING AND WALL COVERINGS - we specialize in the construction of floors and walls with both customized and filing formats. We also provide a dedicated service of preventive study and formulation of the laying surface in case of filing cabinets or open spot laying.

DECORATIVE SOLUTIONS - our marble shop also carries out special engraving and inlay work, both using different marbles and using marbles and other materials such as wood, glass, metals, ..

BATHROOM FURNITURE - we create any type of marble product for the bathroom: shower trays, basins, tubs, spa benches, shelves ... In addition to custom-made production, we have a large catalog of products visible in our Vaprio showroom.

FURNITURE - our marble workshop specializes in tailor-made production, and for this reason it is chosen by the best furniture retailers for the creation of marble products. Our marble workshop in fact deals with the creation of bathroom and kitchen tops, shelves, fireplace frames, table tops and design objects in marble.

FUNERAL ART - we usually deal with the recovery, restoration or new construction of family tombs, chapels and funerary shrines and any other funerary art artifact.